What is Universal Design-Living in Place? Why Does it Matter?

We’re on a mission to make your spaces more people-friendly than ever.  

You in? 

Technically speaking, Universal Design refers to the design of buildings, products, and environments to make them accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability, or other factors. However, EVERYONE can benefit from Universal Design in their homes. 

Why is Universal Design Important in Homes? 

  • Families are sharing the responsibilities of home life. 
  • Evolution of how responsibilities are carried out. 
  • Average life expectancy continues to increase. 
  • A typical family contains members of widely varying ages, sizes, and abilities. 
  • We should not be forced to move because a house is not adaptable to family change. 

What Does Living in Place with Universal Design Look Like? 

Modernizing your home for Living in Place with Universal Design should not mean creating a clinical and cold atmosphere. Instead, it’s an inclusive approach for a better future. You can open your home to anyone and welcome them with attractive designs that WOW while gaining your own freedom to live the life you choose now, and well into the future. 

Here are several of the modern conveniences that you can add to your home that make large impacts: 

Whole-Home Modifications Include: 
Accessible floating sink in a powder room, installed by Lundberg Builders and designed by 314 Design Studio.
  • Extended hand railings past the last step both at the top and bottom of the stairs. This allows you to hold your balance while getting on or off the last step. 
  • Entrances and decks with flush thresholds and no steps accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers.  
  • A shorter rise on stairs is easier to climb and easier on your joints. 
  • Enlarged landings create space for setting down bags and personal belongings while opening the door. 
  • Hardware that can be used with your hand, elbow, or knee include lever doorknobs, push plates on doors, rocker light switches, loop handles, and touch latches. 
  • Video doorbells allow for added security and convenience. 
  • Interior and Exterior Motion-sense lighting 
  • Open floor plan concepts minimize hallways and tight spaces while maximizing the line of sight. 
  • Stacked Closets with knock-out floors can later become an elevator shaft. 
  • Wider doorways and hallways. 
  • Front-loading washers and dryers with front controls on raised platforms reduce bending. 

Bathroom Modifications Include: 

Multiple showerheads, a curbless shower entry, and a walk-in bath make this bathroom accessible for any visitor.  Built by Lundberg Builders, Inc. and designed by 314 Design Studio.
  • Larger curbless showers. 
  • Adjustable hand-held showerheads.
  • Smart shower controls 
  • Temperature-balanced valves 
  • Walk-In tubs 
  • Non-slip flooring 
  • Taller toilets 
  • Extra clearance around toilets and fixtures 
  • Knee space under vanities and sinks 
  • Extra blocking in walls for future grab bars (Grab bars can also double as towel bars). 
  • Voice-lighted mirrors 
  • Pocket doors. 
Kitchen Modifications Include: 
Kitchen, built by Lundberg Builders, Inc., with pull-out drawers and easy to reach appliances.

  • Touchless and single lever faucets make it easier to adjust water temperature and operate with a single hand or elbow.  
  • Smart appliances 
  • Hands-free voice-activated faucets 
  • Larger cabinet pulls 
  • Cabinets with adjustable and pull-down shelves, along with full-extension pull-out shelves and doors 
  • Front or side controls on stoves allow for easy reach and lessen the risk of reaching over hot burners. 
  • Wall ovens create knee space underneath and make transferring dishes from the oven to counter easier without lifting, reaching, or bending. 
  • Dishwashers can be raised on platforms to reduce bending. 
  • Multi-level kitchen countertops with open space underneath allow the cook to work while seated or for taller people to work without bending. 
  • Induction cooktops and stoves offer a safer way to cook than electric or gas. They do not emit gas into the air, and they won’t catch objects, like dishcloths, on fire. 
  • Drawer microwaves allow access without having to reach up above the counter or range like traditional microwaves. 
  • A side-by-side refrigerator with pull-out shelves makes items easy to reach. An under-counter or drawer-type refrigerator can create access to taller items. 

Where Should You Start to Create Your Space with Universal Design? 

Lundberg Builders is more than a full-service residential contractor. We are your partner for creating the home of your dreams and your future. Our goal is to help you live in your home as long as possible. Our designers plan for both looks and practical needs. We want to ensure that your house looks amazing and that it will serve your needs well into the future. Your Universal Design starts with our Home Audit Checklist. This assessment gives us the opportunity to understand your specific needs and desires. Whether it’s new construction, a complete renovation, or remodeling a few rooms. The checklist helps to empower our design team to create a space that’s what you want today and what you need in the foreseeable future. 

Lundberg Builders, Inc. and 314 Design Studio, LLC are your home design and renovation partners. Working together to create your dream space for now and the future.

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Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

When buying or remodeling a kitchen, bath, or entire home the decision processes alone can be intimidating and daunting. Homeowners are finding it beneficial to enlist an interior designer for their projects, no matter what the size. Julie Cooke, our resident interior designer, helped to make a list of five reasons why you should hire an interior designer for your next project.

Julie Cooke, Interior Designer, 314 Design Studio

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

1. They are trained to give an informed and professional assessment.

Interior designers have a unique eye. They are able to help you create the “wow” factor you are looking for in your home and will assist you in pinpointing your style. They will also keep in mind the latest trends to help both the resale value of your home and the longevity of the design.

“Today’s top trend is what we call Dutch-Modern,” Julie says. “It is cross-generational and is desired by many homeowners. Shaker kitchen cabinets are the most popular and have a door made from five pieces that include a recessed panel in the center. Styles can be simple or have decorative details.”

An example of a Dutch-Modern kitchen. Photo courtesy of Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry

2. They have connections and resources which often means discounted prices and better relationships.

“As interior designers, we have relationships with builders, suppliers, and more. My job as a designer is to act as a bridge between the homeowner, architects, and contractors. My professional designation allows me to help the homeowner receive a better price on many items from tile to faucets,” Cooke explains.

3. Indecisive? Worried about not finishing the project? The designer can help you.

Product selections are overwhelming. Faucets, handles, tiles, countertops, lighting, flooring, cabinets, and brackets are only a small portion of the decisions to be made. Each product has 100’s of options with the materials used, finishes, and designs. These professionals will help you narrow selections and see the project through from start to finish. 

Julie assures us, “As your designer, I am with you every step of the way, from start to finish. Together we will work to make decisions on the best products to match your design and budget and I will make sure that nothing is overlooked.”

4. You will be more likely to stick to a budget.

Interior designers know product lines and materials well. They can work with you to prioritize your wants in your space, plan your space’s design efficiently, and offer alternatives where needed. This helps avoid costly mistakes. Experienced designers also know how to create a similar look within a range of prices.   

5. With professional design help, you are more likely to enjoy the process.

Interior designers take care of all of the details from the beginning of the project until the very end. Fixing preventable mistakes can end up blowing a budget. A professional will recognize errors before it’s too late.

According to Cooke, this also makes the process less stressful overall. “Part of my job as the interior designer is to work to make sure that a timeline is maintained and communicated between the contractors and homeowners. A great reason to hire an interior designer is they will work on the procurement of all materials. This includes invoicing, deliveries, materials, and more all in one package. Your project and invoices will not be “piecemealed” and you will not have to rush to order or buy needed materials from vendors.”

Unique, angled, home office space vision board, designed by Julie Cookie, 314 Design Studio, LLC.
Home office inspiration board created by Julie Cooke, Interior Designer, 314 Design Studio, LLC.

Hire a designer to become part of your team before beginning your project.  They can guide you through speaking with builders and architects and help you with questions to ask. Interior design services often end up paying for themselves.

With fewer trips for supplies, decisions planned and made, and the communication between contractors taken care of by an interior designer, you will have less stress. Home design should be fun. By hiring an interior designer, you are able to focus on choosing what products you like to match your vision, rather than the day-to-day details of the project.

An interior designer can help bring your home dreams to life and ensure that no detail is overlooked. They truly can help make a house your home.

Ready to talk to an interior designer about your next project? 314 Design Studio is a full-service design firm. We also offer a la carte service selections that allow you to take control over the tasks you can handle and farm out the rest; Design Consultations, Site measurement and Assessment, Space Planning, Design Concepts, Product Selections, Purchasing or Procurement, and more. Call Julie Cooke today at 314 Design Studio at 410-643-4040 to make an appointment and learn more about how she and her team can bring your design dreams to life!

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Product Spotlight: Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Tile backsplashes have become increasingly popular in both new home construction and kitchen renovations. They offer a design option that not only adds to the look of the kitchen but is also functional. Tile is much easier to wipe down than traditional painted walls. It also stands the test of time, unlike walls that need to be repainted regularly.

The latest trend in backsplash tile for the kitchen is subway tile. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern look, subway tile fits the mold. White is the most popular color because of its versatility and is often paired with a darker grout that makes the white really “pop.”







314 Design Studio, Kent Island, Maryland

When 314 Design Studio worked with this homeowner for a complete kitchen upgrade, they chose Daltile Colorwheel Classics glossy 3 x 6 subway tile in Arctic White.











The tiles from Datile come in a variety of colors from grays and neutrals to greens, blues, and reds. Most colors come in rectangle or square-shaped and the size of the tile is another decision to make.

In the kitchen below, the homeowner chose a longer rectangular style from Architessa and a taupe-based grout. Architessa offers tiles in ceramic, cement, porcelain and stone and in a variety of patterns and dimensions.


314 Design Studio, Kent Island, Maryland

If subway tile doesn’t compliment your style, there are a plethora of tile options from sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.

A custom design can even be created to match your vision, like in the kitchen below. The homeowner wanted a specific design that incorporated the reds and tans in their new kitchen.

kitchen 2 (1)









314 Design Studio

Whatever your design needs, 314 Design Studio, LLC. is happy to work with you to find the style of tile that works for your kitchen. Work with your designer, or our in-house interior designer to make your dreams come to life!

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Customizable Outdoor Kitchens for Every Yard

Outdoor Living

Over the past year, families have spent more time at home than ever and are looking for ways to create more spaces around their homes to enjoy, relax, and entertain. With summer approaching, it is a great time to start thinking about your outdoor living space. One of the best ways to enjoy your backyard is with an outdoor kitchen. A basic grill on pavers is a thing of the past. There are now so many options that allow your outdoor living space to become a true extension of your home. Outdoor kitchens can be designed to create barbeque kitchens and include features like pizza ovens and bartender stations. When designing an outdoor kitchen area, choices range from in-stock options to fully customizable designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional, functional, contemporary, or luxury design, 314 Design Studio, LLC will work with you to create the outdoor space of your dreams.


Danver Cabinetry 


The Importance of a Budget

When designing an outdoor kitchen the first decision to make is the range of your budget. This helps the designer present you with choices that are right for you. In stock options are generally more affordable and arrive faster for installation. Customizable options allow you to put together the look you desire, but since they are made to order, will take longer to arrive. It is helpful to have a list of “needs” for your space and a list of “wants” so that your design team can create the best design for you.


Outdoor Kitchen Location

The location of the outdoor kitchen can be very important to consider when making decisions about what to include in the kitchen area and materials that should be used. If your kitchen will be by a pool, you want to take both the water and pool chemicals into consideration when making choices on your finishes. Depending on your kitchen’s location, hardscapes for walkways and patios are definitely something to ponder. Fire pits and seating areas may be wanted to add to the entertainment options of the outdoor kitchen and extend the number of months in a year that your space will be utilized and enjoyed.

Not sure where you want to put your outdoor kitchen? Or, only want to use the outdoor kitchen during the warmer months? Standalone kitchens are becoming more popular. Mobile bases on which outdoor kitchens are built are a great way to store your kitchen away during the winter months, or only bring it out when entertaining. 

Creating the Perfect Design

Choosing the Right Cabinet Finish

A huge part of the design of any outdoor kitchen is choosing the right cabinetry for your space. Stainless steel cabinets with powder coating are becoming increasingly popular for both practical and aesthetic purposes in outdoor kitchens. The powder coating helps prevent rust in outdoor climates and also is easy to keep clean. The powder coating on stainless steel cabinets is also safe for the environment because it does not contain hazardous chemicals. This also makes it safe to use. Sister companies  Brown Jordan and Danver offer a wide variety of powder coating colors and textures that include neutral and vibrant options. Powder coating can even be applied in wood finishes. Compared to liquid paint, powder coating won’t run or drip and can be applied in thick layers. Powder coating is also more durable to withstand rust, corrosion, sun exposure, and weather.

Nokomis, FL

Brown Jordan Nokomis, FL

Brown Jordan powder-coated wood finish


Creating your outdoor kitchen on a budget? Wolf Home Products offers a Wolf Endurance line with in-stock cabinets made with aluminum to withstand the elements.


Wolf 1

Wolf Endurance Aluminum Cabinets


Cabinet Door Styles

Cabinet door designs range from flat front to designs that allow for wood, glass, and metal inserts. Homeowners can choose different styles for their finish from vertical beadboard to horizontal blind louvers.
Brown Jordan Bead 1

Brown Jordan Beadboard Cabinet Style

Other Customizable Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Along with cabinet finishes and door styles, there are other decisions to be made when designing your outdoor kitchen. Countertops, appliances, cabinet hardware, sinks, faucets, and added features are all important parts of the completed outdoor kitchen.

In the kitchen below, completed by 314 Design Studio, owners chose to use Brown Jordan outdoor cabinetry with the Hampton door style, and the titanium powder coat finish. Hardware from Top Knobs was selected for a crisp, clean look. Granite countertops add a simple and luxurious feel. For appliances, the owners chose a KitchenAid built-in grill, a Danze bar faucet with an oil rub bronze finish, and a Blanoc Rondo bar sink. 


314 Design Studio. LLC

To complete the area, the homeowners chose a composite decking patio to create an extra seating area, complete with a television, pergola, and fan. 


314 Design Studio, LLC

Whatever your vision and reason for wanting an outdoor kitchen space, 314 Design Studio, LLC can work with you through the entire process to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


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2021 Kitchen & Bathroom Color Trends

Kitchen and bath color trends for 2021  reflect a need for self expression. As 2020 kept us home and a bit stifled,  2021 reflects breaking out of old patterns and our desire for more  joy –  bold spaces that emote uplifting, and cheerful times that signal a new chapter is upon us.  Below we explore color through the lens of kitchen and bath design elements .

2021 Paint Colors 

Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year – A blend of blue-green and gray, Aegean Teal 2136-40 is an intriguing midtone that creates natural harmony.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year - Agean Blue is great paired with sunny yellow for cheery eat in kitchen

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore


Pair it with Chestertown Buff, An earthy, gently muted maize that works beautifully in both contemporary and classic settings for a cheery eat-in kitchen dining area.

Chestertown Buff


Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

If that seems too scary you can still add color with a more muted tone, like Sherwin-Williams Oyster Bay,  a very popular soft green-blue color with gray-tones.


Courtesy of www.chrislovesjulia.com













Otherwise known as the fifth wall, the ceiling is an unexpected place to add a splash of color.

FireShot Capture 135 - Painted Ceiling Kitchen Design Ideas - www.decorpad.com

Courtesy of decorpad.com


Islands of Color 

You’re cabinetry and island no longer need to be matchy-matchy. In fact, it’s part of a larger trend for mixing and matching everything from paint to cabinetry and hardware.

A beautiful royal blue Woodharbor island makes this 314 Design Studio kitchen sing!

A beautiful royal blue Woodharbor island makes this 314 Design Studio kitchen sing!


A colorful island is also a fantastic counterpoint to contemporize and add interest to a rustic kitchen.

Hunter green island in Rustic kitchen

We’re in love with this hunter green island that honors the outdoor enthusiast concept of this rustic transitional kitchen design. Courtesy of Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry.


In this master bathroom, soothing blue gray paint is paired with soft gray vanities for a serene spa look. Courtesy of Woodharbor Custom Cabinets.

In this master bathroom, soothing blue gray paint is paired with soft gray vanities for a serene spa look. Courtesy of Woodharbor Custom Cabinets.


Colorful Cabinetry

As an alternative to using wall paint color, brightly colored cabinets are a great way to make a bold statement.


Modern trendy black cabinets are sleek and sophisticated,  grounding a space and making a chic statement.



Up the Wall

Wallpaper in the kitchen? Yes, it’s actually a THING. And, we actually LIKE IT!

Courtesy of Country Living

We love the fun, movement and sophistication this floral wallpaper brings to this  country kitchen design. Courtesy of Country Living


Statement Floor and Bathroom Tiles 

In Home Stone wall tile makes it clear - this bathroom is custom designed!

In Home Stone wall tile makes it clear – this bathroom is custom designed!


When you're looking for one elements of drama - floor tile can be just the ticket. Courtesy of Floor Coverings International

When you’re looking for one elements of drama – floor tile can be just the ticket. Courtesy of Floor Coverings International

Gee-wiz, that’s a lot of ideas on how to design your space with color! But that’s because we’re just nuts about kitchen and bath design! You won’t believe the endless design ideas we have waiting to share with you.  Which one of these ideas is your favorite? Drop us a line at info@314designstudio.com or give us a call at (410) 643-4040 to set up a consultation with our designers. We are as excited about your next project as you are!

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Celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month

Celebrate National Kitchen and Bath Month with these novel trends!

Wood floors in the kitchen help bridge continuity between spaces when used throughout an open floor plan design.

Wood floors in an open concept kitchen - Chester, Maryland -custom build by Lundberg Builders

Wood floors in an open concept kitchen – Chester, Maryland -custom build by Lundberg Builders

A lovely master bath has always held a high court in a list of homeowners’ top desires, but today, as we are spending more time at home, homeowners are raising the bar to spa-level status.


This huge walk-in spa shower features a rain head with separate hand held body wand, luxury marble tile wall, full length shower bench, pebble tile pan and shower niche shelf.

As the holidays arrive, homeowners are Thankful for smart storage solutions!

This kitchen was designed to conveniently and brilliantly hide all the dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and appliances behind a polished and organized wall of gloriously crafted custom cabinetry. 

This kitchen was designed to conveniently and brilliantly hide all the dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and appliances behind a polished and organized wall of gloriously crafted custom cabinetry.

Kitchens designed for the Cocktail Hour and the nightcap


Wet bars designed to elevate the host or hostess to barista status officially elect the kitchen as the rightful gathering place for guests and hosts to start an evening off with cheer. Stocked with prized wine selections, martini, champagne and decanters collections, this designated hot spot, makes an event of homemade whiskey tasting.

Custom-designed places and spaces are our specialty! Call 314 Design Studio to schedule a no-cost consultation (410) 643-4040. Visit us online at www.314designstudio.com.

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Bathroom Trends 2020 – Part 2

Designing a new bathroom or updating an old one is an exciting but detail-oriented process.  Below are some of the trends we are seeing in bathroom designs this year.  All photos are from 314 Design Studio’s recent projects!

This contemporary bathroom features a glass enclosed shower with a glamorous glass tile feature shower wall, sleek floating double vanities and modern linear vanity lights.

Dramatic glass tile

Dramatic powder rooms are all the rage this year.  They frequently feature a vessel sink, show stopping light fixtures, unexpected wallpaper or a bold paint colorUnique faucets and framed mirrors finish the look for a bold and memorable statement.

The process of selecting flooring, title, cabinetry, vanities, mirrors, showers,  baths, toilets,  faucets and finishes can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Working with our bathroom designers, you can even have fun and enjoy the process while eliminating a lot of the worry.

This bathroom features a number of trends we are seeing this year. Mixing matte and high shine finishes give a monotone bathroom design a rich, luxe look by playing with texture. This recessed and tiled niche is a much more sophisticated look than an aftermarket shower caddy would. Display all your high quality shampoo and body washes with pride.



This crystal vanity pendant light bounces light off the glass tiled shower wall like  bubbles in a champagne glass! Note in the mirrors’ reflection an indulgent towel heating rack!  Wood look porcelain tile flooring, includes radiant heat below to keep toes toasty on cold winter mornings.

With a bathroom designer by your side to guide you, you don’t have to worry about forgetting important items, measuring properly, ordering the just right materials and quantities, construction considerations, and project management.


Freestanding soaking tubs continue to trend this year. All you have to do is to choose what style. Do you like the traditional look of a retro clawfoot tub, or do you prefer an Asian-inspired contemporary look like this one above?


This contemporary bathroom has a soothing earth-toned palate, featuring dramatic marble flooring and walls, glass tile vanity backsplash, double floating vanities, unique his and her triangle mirrors, recessed vanity lighting, and lantern-like wall sconces. A jetted tub with an ultramodern and vogue linear curved faucet completes the alluring design.

We are thrilled to assist you in making sure your bathroom design will meet your needs, budget and style preferences, while creating a pleasing overall design that you will love for years to come. Make an appointment today!

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Live Safely and Comfortably at Home with Aging-in-Place Design

There are many factors that are driving the trend toward more people Aging-in-Place at home.  First and foremost, people simply don’t want to leave their home if they can help it.  Most people find the idea of staying in  their home a far more appealing option than the alternative. Most people would rather alter their existing home to accommodate their changing needs as they age than move to an assisted living facility, downsize or relocate.  It’s understandable that for many aging adults, the idea of leaving the place where they have built a life, a family, and a community of friends and neighbors is not appealing at all.  The idea of moving can also be daunting, especially if we’re not feeling physically up to the task. In fact, the prospect of having to essentially start over and to re-establish oneself in a whole new environment can be downright overwhelming.

Yet, as we age, we are often faced with physical limitations or other challenges that make staying at home difficult, without modifications. However, Aging-in-Place design offers solutions that can help people achieve their deeply felt wish to stay at home.

Below we review a new custom home we designed  for one of our clients that illustrates some of the Aging -in-Place kitchen and bathroom design features that enable people to stay in their homes but with improved accessibility, comfort, and safety.


Kitchen located on the main level of the home. This kitchen has built-in cabinetry that can not only hide small appliances and outlets behind closed doors, but also includes lower than countertop height drawers for ease of access from a wheelchair.


Appliances are situated within the center island and at a lower height for wheelchair access. Stovetop (not pictured) is an induction cooktop  as a fire preventative safety feature. Only the pots intended for use will activate the heat, while a pot holder, should it accidentally fall onto the burner, would not. The rooms have wider doorways and enough turning room in the hallways for wheelchair turning.


This master bath features grab bars, variable height countertops, wheelchair accessible “roll-in” curbless shower and vanity, walk-in tub with fast fill/drain, lower electrical switches drawers and toilets, and non-slip flooring.


This pretty rustic-modern bath features a floating countertop for wheelchair “roll-in” room.

Now is  a great time to remodel your bathroom or kitchen with Aging-In-Place features to support you comfortably now and into your future! Call us at (410) 643-4040 to make an appointment with our kitchen and bath designers and to view our showroom and consult with our experts to design the just-right features that will allow you to stay in your home indefinitely.

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Back to Black

Kordan's finish and form are inspired by a cocktail shaker in a sleek matte black finish. Mix it up how you like with wires that can be adjusted during installation: in perfect linear synch, in a pattern or in random heights.

(Photo Courtesy of Kichler.)


There is an old adage that black is the queen of colors.  Afterall, it’s really a mix of all the colors in one, and as such, it’s the ultimate neutral, goes with everything and is known for bringing elegance and sophistication to any pairing.  Black is also an incredibly versatile color that can either be styled Classic or Contemporary. It can be grounding to quiet other colors or it can assume the center drama in a design. While it’s not that black was ever out of fashion, per say, we are seeing much more “black magic” in the home right now after a long love affair with white.  From black window frames, to ebony cabinets, smoky black sinks, to matte black cabinetry, hardware and lighting, BLACK IS BACK!

Here are some beautiful examples of new kitchen and bath trends that highlight the versatile range of how to use black in kitchens and bathrooms.


Coal SuperMatte kitchen | Products by Northern Contours, Design & Styling by TC Studios

Coal SuperMatte kitchen | Products by Northern Contours, Design & Styling by TC Studios



Powder Room built by Lundberg Builders. Interior Design by Laura Hodges Studio features a black smoky glass sink.

Powder Room built by Lundberg Builders. Interior Design by Laura Hodges Studio features a black smoky glass sink.  See it featured in Home & Design Magazine 

Carin Farmhouse Apron-front sink - Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

Carin Farmhouse Apron-front sink – Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

With soft French curves, the Cairn® kitchen sink offers transitional style to suit contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. Cairn is made of KOHLER Neoroc®, a matte-finish composite material designed for extreme durability and unmatched beauty. Richly colored to complement any countertop, Neoroc resists scratches, stains, and fading, and is highly heat- and impact-resistant. The Self-Trimming® apron design makes it easy to retrofit existing 36″ cabinetry that has a false drawer front, requiring only a simple rough cut.


Thaine TUb

Photo Courtesy of Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware’s Thaine Antique Black Copper Double-Slipper Pedestal Tub

Welcome high-end design into your master bathroom with the Thaine Antique Black Copper Tub. A true statement piece, this bathtub features a patina fused to the exterior to create a smooth, dark finish within the metal. The rolled rim allows the polished interior to be showcased on every curve of the double-slipper design. Bold yet functional, the Thaine has plenty of room for you to sit back and enjoy a luxurious soak.




Photo Courtesy of Kichler Co

The Natural Brass finish on Kichler’s Linara 5 light linear chandelier, is like jewelry to the Matte Black metal slatted shade. A refreshing twist on contemporary and mid century modern décor.



Photo Courtesy of Signature Hardware

Photo Courtesy of Signature Hardware

Signature Hardware’s Radke Mahogany Vanity in Shoreline Gray features hardware options including Satin black shown here.

Photo Courtesy of Vigo Industries

Photo Courtesy of Vigo Industries


We think the black finishes on this VIGO Elan Adjustable Frameless Shower Door is a showstopper! Made with VIGO’s proprietary RollerDisk™ Technology, this door has built-in adjustability to ensure that it is a perfect fit in your shower. Flex-Sizing™ and SmartAdjust™ Technology ensure that your shower door will remain level despite inevitable shifts that occur as homes settle. This door features resilient tempered glass to prevent dangerous splinters and shards. With the option for right or left-side installation, the VIGO Elan is as versatile as it is sturdy. Stainless-steel hardware outfitted in a 7-layer plated, rust-free matte black finish completes this one-of-a-kind design.

Design Inspiration

If you want to incorporate a few touches of black but not sure how, Moen put together some great advice in their blog

And here are blogs from Signature Hardware on “How to Use the Look in Your Kitchen Design”  matte black bathroom and matte black kitchen!

Let’s face it. A bathroom or kitchen renovation or remodel can be expensive. You don’t want to make a mistake, but it’s easy to do given all the dozens of mechanical, design and selection decisions that one has to make during the process. To really feel confident about pulling off black in your kitchen or bathroom design, we encourage you to check in with our design experts who are ready and waiting to help you design your new space and to assist you in making the selections that ensure your bathroom has a good balance and is executed thoughtfully to avoid costly errors. Call us at (410) 643-4040 to make an appointment with our kitchen and bath designers and to view our showroom! 



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2020 Bathroom Trends: Part 1

As  we turn the page into not only a new year, but also a new decade, you may be thinking about a fresh start with a bathroom renovation project that will bring your home into the “20s”. With that in mind, you might be searching for design inspiration and we are pleased to be the source for your fresh intel!

Below we explore three of the hottest designs emerging from bathroom design and manufacturing tastemakers.

Floating Vanities 

Floating vanities like this custom frameless one by Woodharbor bring a modern, weightless aesthetic to keep the bathroom looking light and airy despite the dark door front color.  Lighting beneath the vanity illuminates the floor and provides more safety during trips to the loo in the middle of the night.

Product Line: Woodharbor Custom Frameless Door Style: REGENT Drawer: SLAB Edge Shape: UNIQUE Finish: TEXTURED MELAMINE, KONA Dealer: HC REMODEL & DESIGN

Product Line: Woodharbor Custom Frameless

Ahhhh-mazing Shower Experiences 

Real Rain from Kohler brings the exhilaration of a summer storm to the shower. The look and feel of natural rain is accomplished in numerous ways.  First, an innovative sprayface design has a unique nozzle geometry that simulates rain by adjusting the size of the water drops.  The rates at which the drops fall is also varying and random, just like in a true rainstorm.

To recreate the feel of a growing storm, the shower is designed with a water reservoir that relies on gravity rather than the typical pressurized spray to shape the water, using 775 concave nozzles to start the storm off slowly and then build.  The pitter patter of drops grows in intensity as it swells into a warm summer storm. Finally, to capture the moment the sky opens up and the rain truly pours down, the on-demand Deluge feature releases the water in the reservoir, soaking the bather in an extravagant flood of water.  Watch the video!

Kohler Real Rain Shower

Kohler Real Rain Shower


New Cabinets & Mirrors with Task Lighting

Personal grooming is an important part of daily life. Many tasks considered essential to proper hygiene and appearance take place in the bathroom, in front of the mirror – oral care, skin care, hair care, applying makeup, hair removal, etc. And appropriate lighting is crucial in this space. Kohler addresses this need directly with the launch of its new Verdera lighted cabinets and mirrors that bring true grooming task lighting to the bathroom. The Verdera enhanced cabinet features the option of a flip-out flat mirror or magnifying mirror, along with slow-close functionality to eliminate slamming.

Standard lighting vs. Verdera Lighting

Standard lighting

Kohler Verdera lighting

Kohler Verdera lighting


The Verdera lights are compatible with most LED dimmers to give you even more control over your lighting experience, including pairing with Amazon’s Alexa system.

So how do you ensure that your bathroom design is classic enough to stand the test of time but still incorporates enough modern style to be distinctive? This is where kitchen and bath designers like us can really benefit you! We can help you decide on selections that will help you strike the right balance between classic and trendy to help you ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake.  Give us a call (410) 643-4040 to set up a consultation. We are as excited about your project as you are!


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