Get your bathroom & kitchen ready for Fall

As the summer comes to an end, your attention should be turning to getting your home ready for the cooler fall and winter weather. When it comes to preparing your kitchen & bathrooms for these upcoming seasons you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out where to begin. By  utilizing these simple and practical weatherization strategies you can help keep your home warm & toasty while also keeping your energy bills low.

Assure your pipes are wrapped

Even if freezing weather is weeks away, you should still wrap your pipes to ward off leaks when the colder weather finally arrives. . When your pipes freeze, you have to turn up the heat in your home and often use a floor heater or blow dryer to thaw them (& this is if you’re lucky & they haven’t burst!). Avoid this drama and take this step before a problem arises.

Lay rugs or carpeting

This simple step can go a long way in making your room warmer without having to turn up the heat in the house. If you normally avoid using carpeting in your bathroom because of the risk of mold growth or moisture, you can lay down area rugs or runners instead of installing wall-to-wall carpeting. You should choose rugs that have rubber non-slip backing to prevent falls.

Weatherstrip your windows & doors

Out of all of the areas in your kitchen, the doors and windows are primary areas where wind and weather can enter and cause this room to become cold and uncomfortable. You can stop drafts from entering your kitchen by weatherstripping the doors and windows well before the fall weather begins. Weatherstrip is easy to apply and readily available at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Hang curtains

Hanging lined curtains can go miles in helping to keep your home warm. This final layer of protection can additionally keep drafts out of your home and also help retain the heat from inside the home. Bonus: You may also see a lower electric bill!

bathroom curtains for small windows- that's a cool idea but I would want it white w either teal, tan or brown:

Change your filters

Before you switch on your heater for the winter, remember to replace the filters in your homes heating unit! It’s even better to schedule a yearly checkup with a professional to assure everything is in running order.

Clean & inspect your chimney

If you are fortunate to have a wood burning  stove in your kitchen, you may be eager to light up that first fire of the cold weather season. Before you put in the firewood and strike the match, you should clean out the chimney in the stove. A blocked or dirty chimney will prevent the smoke and ash from escaping. You can get a cleaner and safer fire each time when you clean out the chimney before fall begins.


As you’re enjoying the beginning of this lovely fall weather, make sure your home is prepared for the much coming colder days. Preventative maintenance now will save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy costs.  Taking some of these steps above can help keep your home warmer and keep your energy bills low!

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