Warm AND Well-Appointed: 5 Ways to Cozy Up to Your New Bathroom

Carrara marble, ceramic tile, natural stone—all the beautiful materials that create today’s most appealing and sophisticated bathrooms—are also all the things that can leave your space feeling cold and austere if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are plenty of options and work-arounds you can discuss with your bath designer prior to construction or remodeling to ensure you are creating the warm and inviting sanctuary space you need with all the materials and finishes you want.

  1. The Extra Benefits of Soaking & Whirlpool Tubs

While a hot bath in a traditional tub is surely a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, upgrading to a soaking tub allows you to submerge several more inches of your body in pure warm, aquatic bliss. Many homeowners have embraced this trend just for the enhanced opulence these tubs add to a room, but when you factor in the additional depth per soak, you gain the max benefits of form and function from your fixture.

Soaking Tub

314 Design Studio designed this client’s master bath with a modern soaking tub

Jetted or whirlpool tubs are another option with added benefit. Although they have been around for some time, the latest iterations of these fixtures create more than just a balmy, bubble bath. Today’s models offer options like hand-held shower features, waterfall lights and even luxury cushioned headrests. In-model heaters can also make sure you don’t have to run additional hot water while you’re enjoying your hydro massage. What will they think of next? Optional TVs? Oh, yeah—they already have that!

314 Design Studio created this master bath with whirlpool tub

314 Design Studio created this master bath with a modern whirlpool tub with a curved tiled surround and bench. The fireplace adds ambiance and warmth

  1. The Power of the Steam Shower

Isn’t any shower with hot water a “steam shower?” Surprisingly, no. A steam shower combines the best of the shower experience with the benefits of a sauna. The enclosed and controlled environment of the steam shower produces water vapor that surrounds the body with the help of a humidifying steam generator. The health benefits of steam showers are numerous. They include increased circulation, cleansing the body of toxins, enhanced recovery from exertion, and stress management. Steam showers can also improve the complexion by opening your pores to promote clear skin.  Remember the last time you had sore muscles and then think about how much better you would have felt if you had a steam shower to step into for instant relief.

Photo courtesy of Kohler - Steam Shower

Photo courtesy of Kohler – Steam Shower

  1. Bane of Thrones

Knowing that your porcelain god could be ice-cold when you need to use it in the middle of the night can send shivers up your spine. Fortunately, the evolution of our home thrones has been quite dramatic—a far cry from earlier versions of seats with plastic cushioning —today’s models offer smart technology with quiet-close lids, flushing and freshening devices, and wonderful, glorious warmth; some 20-plus degrees above room temperature, if you like. Prices vary widely depending on which features are must-haves for you, but warmer experiences are possible for less than $200 per throne.

LumaWarm fitted toilet seat photo courtesy of Brondell

LumaWarm fitted toilet seat photo courtesy of Brondell

  1. Heated Towels = Happy Bodies!

Europeans have known this concept for years; even modest hotels abroad offer this as a standard bathroom appliance. When it comes to home appointments, these handy accessories have expanded to include a variety of finishes and sizes, and offer wall-mounted or free-standing styles. While you will need to exercise extra care with young children in the home, in general, towel warmers are specifically designed to operate at a maximum temperature between 100 and 150 degrees to provide the best towel-drying benefits without being a fire hazard.

shutterstock_heated towel rack - resize

Heated towel rack

Every Blissful Step

Talk about happy feet! Heated floors provide an extra heated layer between the ground and your ten tootsies which can be a game changer in winter. Even  in warmer climates, cold tiles can be an issue—it’s just the nature of the material. Heated floor systems, which are either electrically based or use hydronics (heated water circulating through a system of tubing in the floor), are energy efficient and can actually help save money over time. Cost per square foot varies per region, but you can ask any homeowner who included this feature in their build budget, and they’ll tell you, it was worth every penny.

Photo courtesy of Postroika

Photo courtesy of Postroika

Want to create a bathroom that is as comfortable and convenient as it is beautiful? Our talented team of certified designers can help you assess your needs and then combine them with just the right materials, fixtures and creature comforts to create a space that not only maximizes function and form, but blends substance with your unique sense of style. Call us today to schedule a no-cost consultation (410) 643-4040, or feel free to drop-in at your convenience – we are open 8:00 am -4pm Monday- Friday.


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